Water Colours

Water Colour Sketch Bearing a Signature Edward Seago

2 February 2014
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Edward Seago, Water Colour, War Time, Bomb Damage.

Bears a Signature, Edward Seago???

This is a detailed sketch of War Time Bomb Damage, not sure where. It also bears a signature, Edward Seago.  There is no authentication of this signature so this little sketch is being sold as it is, a water colour bearing a signature Edward Seago and there are no implications made to say it is by this artist.  This picture certainly looks its age and appears like it could have been sketched  very quickly in war time conditions.  It has some age related fading and marks, plus rippling to the paper,(as shown in picture).   This is an interesting little sketch worthy of more research. measurements are: 250mm. h.  x  200mm. w.  approx.

(click on picture to enlarge image)   (overseas buyers please contact for shipping costs)

Price: £125.00p,  SOLD…SOLD…SOLD


A John Palmer Water Colour, River Estuary and Boats Scene

2 February 2014
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John Palmer, Water Colour, Painting, Nautical

John Palmer Water Colour

A very nice nautical Water Colour by the popular artist John Palmer, this delightful painting shows boats mooring in the estuary of a large river and displays the fine talents of the artist John Palmer. The Painting is in very good condition and comes in a plain wooden frame which measures: 550mm. w.  x  440mm. h. approx, this is also in good condition.     (O.)090613        (click on picture to enlarge image) 


Price: £145.00p, includes p&p, Mainland U.K. only


Water Colour of Urquhart Castle by Sydney Vale F.R.S.A.

19 April 2013
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Water Colour, Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Sydney Vale F.R.S.A.

Urquhart Castle, Water Colour by Sydney Vale

A superb little water colour painting of Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness by the popular artist Sydney Vale F.R.S.A. Mounted, framed and glazed in gilt and brown frame measuring approx. 300ml. w.  x  255ml. h. frame has a small amount of wear but still good, the water colour painting is in really nice condition retaining clarity and a degree of brightness still. measurement of the actual picture is unkown due to it being in a mount. No signature on painting but details of the painting and of Sydney Vale on verso of picture/frame.   (please click on picture to enlarge image)    (A.)130811

Price: £125.00p, includes p&p SOLD..SOLD..SOLD


Sydney Vale, Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Water Colour

Sydney Vale F.R.S.A

Bert Thomas Pen and Ink & Water Colour Cartoon

27 February 2013
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Bert Thomas, Pen and Ink, Water Colour Cartoon

Bert Thomas Cartoon

A superb Bert Thomas signed Pen & Ink with Water Colour Cartoon of a Desert Oasis Scene with a man and his camel at the oasis, thought to be from 1930′s-1940′s. This is a wonderfully drawn and coloured cartoon very rarely seen on the market by one of the top illustrators of his time and sought after by collectors of popular cartoons. The cartoon is in very good condition, may show slight age toning, Comes mounted and framed and glazed.   Frame size:  340ml. w.  x  360ml. h  approx. and frame is in excellent condition. (click on picture to enlarge image)  Please see payment options   (D.)260213


Frank Brangwyn Pencil Signed Coloured Etching

11 August 2012
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Frank Brangwyn, Coloured Etching, Mid Eastern Market Scene

Frank Brangwyn, Mid Eastern Market Scene

A wonderful early 20th century Frank Brangwyn Etching of a middle eastern market scene. Typical of Frank Brangwyn’s etchings, this one shows a busy middle eastern working market, (possibly Morocco or Egypt) with the market traders and host’s of customers, this is a softer etching of his and he has  coloured it with water colour,     Frank Brangwyn RA, RWS, RBA.  1867-1956.  The Etching comes in an acid free mount and size of etching is approx. 250ml. h.  x  200ml. w.  mount size: 305ml. h.  x  255ml. w.   (click on picture to enlarge image)    Please see payment options.       (T.)060812    

Price: £165.00p, includes p&p, mainland U.K. only.  (Overseas customers please contact for postal rates.)

George Edwards Hering, Shore Scene, Water Colour c.1850-1860

27 July 2012
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George Edwards Hering, Water Colour Painting

George Edwards Hering, Water Colour Painting

A George Edwards Hering water colour painting featuring boats on the water with people on the shore front and a cottage in the back ground. This painting is approx. 150-160 years old and is in nice fine condition, comes framed and glazed. George Edwards Hering (1805-1879) painted landscapes and marine paintings in both oil and water colour, the scene in this painting could possibly be Scotland or maybe a Continental scene as he travelled the continent and many other places, he was also an art critic for the Art Journal magazine.   Frame Measurements approx.  610ml. w.  x  410ml. h.     (click on picture for larger image)   Please contact for payment options.    (T.)170712        

Price: £1950.00p, includes delivery with in Mainland U.K.  For Over Seas please contact.

Moorland/Sea Shore Scene by Furness Wilson, c.1920′s

23 June 2012
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A wonderfully serene Moorland and Sea Shore scene with sea gulls by the very talented Scottish artist Furness Wilson. He was very well known during the period 1910-1940 then not much heard from him after this date.  He produced lots of these type of moorland scene quality paintings that captures the beauty of the Moorlands.  (click on picture to enlarge image) Please see payment options,       (F.)180612  Item B.  (overseas buyers please contact)

Price:  £55.00p,  includes p&p, Mainland U.K. only.

Furness Wilson, Moorland Scene, Water Colour

Furness Wilson, Moorland Scene

Water Colour of Moorland Scene by Furness Wilson. c. 1920′s

23 June 2012
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Furness Wilson, Moorland Scene, Water Colour Painting

Furness Wilson, Moorland Scene

A lovely tranquil moorland scene by a talented and prolific Scottish Artist Furness Wilson a well known artist of the period 1910 – 1940 then nothing much heard from him after then, his works are very similar to the artist Frank Holme.  These water colour/gouache paintings are very nice quality little paintings that certainly catch the eye.  (click on picture to enlarge image)  Please see payment options.     (F.)180612   Item A.

Price:  £55.00p, includes p&p, for mainland U.K. only.   (Overseas customers please contact)

Furness Wilson, Water Colour of a Moorland Scene

3 June 2012
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Furness Wilson, Water Colour Painting

Furness Wilson, Moorland Scene

A fine water colour painting of a moorland scene by a little known but very talented Scottish artist Furness Wilson. A small but powerful painting which measures approx. 220ml. x 100ml. with the frame size being 310ml. x 188ml. approx.   (click on picture for enlarged image)   Please see payment options.

Price:  £ 58.00p, includes p&p, for mainland U.K. only. (Overseas customers please contact for postal quote)

Small Water Colour of a Golden Retriever by Gayle Laybourn

3 June 2012
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Golden Retriever, Water Colour Paintin

Golden Retriever Water Colour Painting

Painted by a local artist Gayle Laybourn, a beautiful picture of a favorate subject, “a pet dog”. A painting for animal lovers at a really reasonable price.   (click on picture to enlarge image)   Please see payment options.

Price:  £28.00p, includes p&p, for mainland U.K. only

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