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Pastel Portrait Painting, Titled Tranquility by Edward Robert Smythe, 19th century

7 December 2014
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19th century painting, Edward Robert Smythe, Pastel Painting, Portrait Painting.

Edward Robert Smythe, Pastel Portrait “Tranquility”

Edward Robert Smythe (1810-1899) Pastel and chalk, an oval ‘ Tranquility ‘ portrait of a seated lady Labelled under and with label verso stating ‘ Purchased from Guildhall Gallery, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk’ Bears a slightly indistinct signature and 1855 date mid right. In very good condition and set in a nice gilt/gold frame that measures;  47cm. x 38cm.  (click on picture to enlarge image)  More photos of painting can be emailed if needed.   (H)061214

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French School, 19th Century, Portrait Painting of a Young Girl

7 December 2014
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19th century, Portrait Painting, young child

19th. cent. Portrait Painting

A superb 19th century French School oil on canvas Portrait Painting of a young girl. Set in a gold gilt frame, that has odd marks in places but generally good, picture still retains good colour but has slight crackling. Painting is thought to have been painted around 1850′s-1870′s. No signature, but painted by a good hand.  Condition report and other photos can be available (Click on picture to enlarge image)  (N)061214

Measurements are approx. 62cm. x 49cm.

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