Richard Earlom, mezzotint, 1775 after a drawing by Claude Lorrain

8 March 2015
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Engraving, Mezzotint, Richard Earlom, Claude Lorraine.

Richard Earlom, engraved Mezzotint

“The Piping Herdsman” and his Dancing Dog. A wonderful 18th century engraved mezzotint by Richard Earlom after a Claude Lorrain drawing from “Liber Veritatis”, published by John Boydell. Dated 1775. No.90 …. In really good condition with only slight age related toning, set in a nice gilt frame, in good condition with odd scuff marks, frame measures approx. 505mm. w.  x  470h.  (Click on picture to enlarge image).  ( More photos available by email if needed.)  (AZ)170810

Price: £68.00, includes p&p, mainland UK only.


Etching of Kings College Cambridge by Mabel Oliver Rae

19 April 2013
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Etching, Kings College Cambridge, Mabel Oliver Rae,

Kings College Cambridge

Another wonderful Etching by Mabel Oliver Rae of Kings College Cambridge in her usual fine style. Framed and glazed in a gilt frame which measures approx. 295ml. w.  x  245ml. h.  Represents excellent value at this price.  (click on picture to enlarge image)   (H.)160413

Price: £85.00p, includes  p&p, mainland U.K. only.  (overseas buyers please contact)

Reims Cathedral Etching by Herbert Gordon Warlow

11 March 2013
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Reims Cathedral, Etching, Herbert Gordon Warlow.

Reims Cathedral Etching

A superb etching of Reims Cathedral by the talented and renowned Etcher Henry Gordon Warlow.  Mounted and framed in a slender black frame the etching is in very fine condition with very slight age toning to margin but the image remains very clear. signed in pencil to the margin and also has a pencil wrote ‘D’ to left bottom of the margin.  Frame measures 320ml.w.  x  382ml.h. approx.   (click on picture to enlarge image)  (E.) 030113 (115)

Price: £120.00p,  SOLD..SOLD..SOLD

Martin Hardie Etching of Barges on a River

11 March 2013
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Barges on a River, Martin Hardie Etching.

Martin Hardie Etching

This is a wonderful little etching by Martin Hardie (1875-1952) of Barges on a River, thought to be dated around 1910 and showing several windmills so probably a Continental scene. Signed in the margin Martin Hardie, the etching is in nice condition and comes set in a nice slim black frame which measures, 352ml.w.  x  305ml.h.   (click on picture to enlarge image)   (F.)030113 (115)

Price: £110.00p, includes p&p, mainland U.K. only.


A View From Cardigan Bridge, Etching by John Lumsden Propert

11 March 2013
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Etching, Cardigan Bridge, John Lumsden Propert.

View from Cardigan Bridge

A lovely etching by John Lumsden Propert of a View from Cardigan Bridge, etched in 1869, dated & titled in the plate. The etching shows slight age toning but is still a really good image, it is not in a frame as shown but is set in a new cream mount which measures 305ml.w.  x  253ml.h.,   image measures 188ml.w.  x  132ml.h. approx.  John Lumsden Propert (1834-1902), was a British artist/etcher who exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1877 and with the Royal Society of Painter Etchers in 1881.   (click on picture to enlarge image)   (A1.)130811 (303)

Price: £48.00p, includes p&p, mainland U.K. only.


Francesco Bartolozzi Engraving

6 March 2013
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Francesco Bartolozzi, Engraving

Francesco Bartolozzi Engraving

A small Francesco Bartolozzi Engraving, States under the image, in the plate; Drawn in Ephesus in 1764 by W. Pars,  Engraved by F. Bartolozzi.  Mounted and measures: 228ml.w.  x  177ml.h.  Plate measures 170ml.w.  x  100ml.h. approx.  Date is thought to be late 1700′s to early 1800′s. condition of image is very good, has some small staining marks to margin area.   (click on picture to enlarge image)

Price:  £85.00p, includes p&p, mainland U.K. only

Francesco Bartolozzi Engraving of George Augustus Elliot c.1788

2 March 2013
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Francesco Bartolozzi, Engraving, George Augustus Elliot, Lord Heathfield.

George Augustus Elliot

Here we have a large and rare Francesco Bartolozzi Stipple and Engraving of George Augustus Elliot, Lord Heathfield, Governor of Gibralta engraved after a painting by Antonio Cesare Poggi. This engraving was engraved by Bartolozzi and then published on September the 8th 1788 by A. Poggi, of St. Georges Row, Hyde Park, London.  At the bottom of the engraving it states;  Engraved by F. Bartolozzi R.A. Historical Engraver to his Majesty 1788. The engraving is not in the best of condition, but it is 225 years old, it is tatty and torn around the edges with only one small tear/loss of paper that goes into the top of the image, the size of a finger nail and could be easily covered with a mount. The image itself is fairly good and looks like it is only suffering some age toning and 2-3 very small nicks, which are hardly noticable. The engraving is stuck to an old card backing, probably done around 100 years ago. The measurements overal are approx.  485ml.w.  x  535ml.h. These engravings usually sell for around £150-£200 + p&p, this one is priced to reflect it’s condition.   (click on picture to enlarge image)   (B.)260213

Price: £45.00p, includes p&p, mainland U.K. only

John Ames Mitchell Etching of The Young Republican. c.1880

2 March 2013
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Etching, Engraving, The Young Republican, John Ames Mitchell,

The Young Republican

A superb little etching of The Young Republican by John Ames Mitchell (1845-1918). Printed on wove paper, the image is in very fine condition, just a couple of small grubby finger marks to the margin. Comes in a new cream mount which measures approx. 253ml.w.  x  305ml.h. Signed in the plate, this etching was printed by The American Art Review in 1881 as part of a Limited Edition of 500 impressions.  (click on picture to enlarge image)

Price: £48.00p, includes p&p, mainlanland U.K. only.   (overseas customers please contact before purchase)

Etching/Engraving of a Nicolaes Maes Painting, The Beet Peeler

2 March 2013
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Etching, Nicolaes Maes, Oil Painting, The Beet Peeler

The Beet Peeler

An Etching/Engraving of Nicolaes Maes oil on board painting titled, The Beet Peeler, the original painting hangs in The National Gallery. The etcher is unknown but must be a good etcher as the quality of this etching/engraving is superb and is late Victorian, c.1890′s.  It comes in a new cream mount which measures approx. 253ml. w.  x  305ml.h.  (click on picture for enlarged image)   (A2)260213

Price: £30.00p, includes p&p, mainland U.K. only

Charming Etching by Leon Richeton of a Young Gentleman c.1870′s

2 March 2013
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Etching,Leon Richeton, 1870,

Etching by Leon Richeton

This is a very nice etching by Leon Richeton of a young gentleman, (possibly William 3rd.)??? The etching was probably among many he originally did for The Art Journal during that time, (1870′s).  The etching is in really nice condition and on good paper, it is mounted in a new cream mount which measures approx; 305ml.w.  x  410ml.h.  (click on picture to enlarge image)   (B.)260213 

Price: £45.00p, includes p&p, mainland U.K. only.

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