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Water Colour, Style of John Varley, View of Battersea Church

31 August 2011
John Varley, Water Colour, 19th Century, Painting

Water Colour, Style of John Varley, c. 1800

An early 19th century Water Colour in the style of John Varley, of a Thames view with Battersea Church in the background, circa 1800-1815. Unfortunately this water colour has not been kept well and has suffered a lot of deteriation, it needs a dedicatd buyer to restore it to it’s former glory. It has also been trimmed at the bottom to fit either this old frame or one previous, there for cutting of any signature. I have extensively checked this picture, comparing it with countless others of John Varley and it absolutely shows great similarity to his work. On the back is a very old art dealers sticker with John Varley and the location/title, written in old ink and with the old type nib pen. This is a painting that is approx. 200yrs. old possibly by a known artist, more photo’s are available by email if required, if interested please tel; 07988506321 or email: bob@colchesterart.co.uk   (Will be sent with out the frame.)  See Payment Options.        (F)120211 

Price:  £135.00p, inclusive of p&p, mainland U.K. only.  (For overseas shipping please contact)


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