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Nick Grant, Artist

19 February 2012

Nick Grant, well what can I say about this not hugely known Artist? I know that I can say I find his Water Colour paintings to be of exceptional quality and near photographicly perfect, or is it just me being biased. I’ve got no reason to be biased other than the fact that these water colour paintings of Nick Grants are really good, “end of story”.  Nick Grant paints most peaceful and charming rural scenes, mostly in and around N.E. England, (Nottinghamshire and surrounding area’s.)  Every painting I have seen so far brings a sense of tranquillity in to the mind plus a feeling of needing to be where the picture is, such is the trueness of the painting style and suttle shades of colour and use of light in his paintings. Have a look at the Nick Grant water colour paintings that I have for sale on this website, explore them, take in what you see in the picture, see what you feel about these wonderful paintings.

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