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Feliks Topolski an Artist and Chronicler

19 February 2012

Feliks Topolski, a lot of people wrongly spell his name Felix Topolski but they are one of the same and the name is that of a very very talented artist who was born 14th August 1907 and died on 24th August 1989; the son of Edward Topolski (who’s profession was an Actor) and Stanislava Drutowska. Feliks married Marian Everall in 1944, they had one son and one daughter, the marriage to Stanislava was dissolved in 1975 and she died in 1985. Feliks Topolski worked as a war artist during 1940-1945 and pictured The Battle of Britain, sea and air war, Russia, The Middle East, India, China, Italy, Germany and Africa.  He was well known for his drawing type portraits of famous people, from Great Statesmen, other Artist’s, Writer’s, Pop Stars, etc. etc;   which includes Winston Churchill, Randolph Churchill, Prince Philip, Harold Pinter, Evelyn Waugh, Adam Faith, Ghandi and quite a few more.  Also produced a number of short run Limited Edition Lithograph’s which are quite popular due to them being at an affordable price, (in the hundreds price range rather than thousands like some of his original drawings.) Talking about these, I particularly like the pencil and water colour drawing of the artist Augustus John, (one of my favorate artists.)  Feliks Topolski also illustrated many fine books over the years for some top authors and publications.

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