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Augustus John, Artist

19 February 2012

Augustus John, full name Augustus Edwin John 1878-1961, a Welsh painter, etcher and draughtsman. For a period of time around 1910 he was an important part of the Post-Impressionism  in Great Britain.  Augustus John well known for his brilliant figure drawings, then for developing a new technique of oil sketching.  Many people in London at that period compared his work to the likes of Matisse and Gauguin. Around this time he also developed a unique style of portraiture that was said to be imaginative and very often extravagant, appearing to catch an instantaneous attitude within the subjects in his paintings.  He became very interested in the Romany people and their way of life, for a time he and his family (shortly after his first marriage) travelled around the country in a caravan in Gypsy fashion. He later went on to be the President of the Gypsy Lore Society and held this position from 1937 until he died in 1961. One of Augustus Johns daughters, Vivian John also became a notable painter in her own right. (see her painting on this website)

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